How is the CNC knife row machine arranged?

  • 2021-03-19

The tool rest is an important part of the NC cutting machine. Its structure is generally rotational. The tool is circumferentially mounted on the tool rest. It can install radial turning tool, axial turning tool, drill bit and boring tool. But you may not be familiar with the installation and use of a tool rest, commonly known as a line knife. Here is to understand the next CNC knife row machine is how to row the knife.


1. For X direction, the front turning tool will pull the material out of the circle, measure the diameter, and input the X diameter into the tool patch. The system input is different from the Z direction, for example with a diameter of 20mm. Input X20. In the tool patch!

2. The spindle starts in Z direction, the hand wheel pulls the front turning tool, and input Z0 into the end cutter patch. We use the new Syntec system to input in the T101, and the GSK980TD is only input in the knife complement.

3. First of all, put the material into the three claws to ensure the length of the processed parts. [**]fter comparing the calipers, use the hand wheel to move the tool holder and position it. The material is pulled out and clamped by positioning.

4. Debugging and processing should be done slowly to prevent error crashes. Since all the knives are constant, it makes sense that all the knives are aligned on the X-axis.

5. Let's check again whether the parameters of the tool rest need to be modified:

6, if you do not need to modify the parameters, the knife is very simple, similar to the rotating knife rest, but the code changed when programming, each knife to give a number to it, programming to remember how much the knife is.

7. If you need to modify the parameters, you can modify them according to the instructions, and then install and use them according to the above steps.

8. Generally experienced parking engineers will choose a knife such as No. 1 knife, manual or handwheel approach to the workpiece end face, try to cut a knife, exit along the X axis, press the knife repair (or bias) key, select the bias page, such as 101, move the cursor to Z item, press 0, and then press insert

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