Dongguan SNK CNC Technology Co., LTD.

Dongguan SNK CNC Technology Co., LTD integrates research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service, standing out as a leading private manufacturing enterprise in China. We mainly produce slant bed high speed gang type CNC lathe, turret type CNC lathe, tail cap CNC lathe, double-headed CNC lathe and turning-milling compound CNC lathe, CNC engraving and milling machine, Drilling and tapping machine, CNC machining center, gantry machining center and other metal processing equipment. [**]long with the development of our manufacturing technology, our company had already obtained the ISO and CE certification. Our products are widely used in electronic cigarette, flashlight, telescope, military barrel and other fields. [**]fter years of development, we have won the excellent public reputation in our industry.

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“Made in China” will be soon replaced by “innovated in China”.

SNK CNC Technology Co., LTD. has established after-sales service offices in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Foshan, Suzhou and Wuxi. Our factory was equipped with an advanced experimental base; which can help us satisfy different product texting demands. We achieve excellent research capability, advanced production technology, precise assembly technology, first-class product quality, reasonable management system and high quality after-sales service to provide “turn-key project” covering design producing, installing, commissioning and training for various customers. 

SNK attaches great importance to quality as we agree that customer is god. Our purpose is to control each procedure,each machine, and each client. We think from the customer perspective when we need to do all. We trust: that quality is essential to open the market; and our efforts with sincere wish will gain genuine return. We welcome new and old customer, experts and insiders to establish long-term cooperation with our company and fight for the future of metal industry with us!



SNK CNC Technology Co., LTD is a highly-integrated enterprise.

As a highly-inherited  enterprise, SNK CNC Technology Co., LTD. has its origin. The founder's father is an ordinary lathe worker. When the founder was young, his father always mentioned the domestic devices, such as "They don’t work very smoothly", "They have poor performance". Nurture makes second nature, he chose mechanical design and manufacturing as his major. However, after several years of technological development and market change, a series of new products are gradually came out,such as new energy vehicles, high-speed rails, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic cigarettes. The predecessors' ambition remained unchanged, as he remembered the compliant of his farther about the domestic devices. The world-oriented products can’t be made for lacking high-quality processing accessories equipment. After working for several companies, the founder and his two like-minded friends formally set up SNK CNC Technology Co., LTD in 2009 with a dream that "Let time witness made in China, let the world believe in made in China". Experiencing the hardship, suffering and ridicule from very beginning, SNK has always been making tireless efforts in the latest manufacturing technology to update the high precision high-speed cutting machine, milling composite machine, turret top tail machine, precision long carving milling, machining center and so on. 

Each of the above mentioned products has undergone the most demanding tests. The company carefully analyses the market demand and carries out tailor-made production. Equipped with suitable equipment, we play an important role in industry's new technology research and development manufacturing, and finally establish ourselves on the domestic market. SNK CNC Technology Co., LTD. develops rapidly after it has been recognized by the market. The products are sold to the foreign country through the domestic network. Today, the founder has grown up, but his original dream of "Let time witness made in China, let the world believe in made in China"  never change. SNK is willing to join hands with you to give confidence to the latest technology industry chain!