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CNC Machining Center

The first CNC machining center was first developed by Carney Trask, USA in 1958. On the basis of NC horizontal boring and milling machine, an automatic tool changing device is added to realize the centralized processing of milling, drilling, boring, reaming and tapping after the workpiece is clamped once. Machining center is a highly automated multi-function CNC machine tool with tool magazine and automatic tool changer. After the workpiece is clamped on the machining center once, it can finish many kinds of working procedures on more than two surfaces. And it has various functions of changing or selecting cutters, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.

Machining centers can be divided into boring, milling and turning according to their processing procedures, and can be divided into three-axis, four-axis and five-axis machining centers according to the number of control shafts.

Thanks to the design of the reflow unit, the noise generated by the impact of the steel ball can be absorbed, and thus it greatly reduces the noise value. The spindle ring water spray has 4 nozzles distributed around the spindle to obtain the best cooling effect for the tool and workpiece and improve the processing quality.

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