The main drive and feed drive of CNC lathe

  • 2021-03-28

Processing object structure and process has a great similarity, but because of the numerical control system also exists, also has a great difference. Compared with the ordinary lathe, the CNC lathe has the following characteristics:

1. Fully closed or semi-closed protective device is adopted. Closed protection device can prevent chip or cutting fluid flying out, to the operator to bring accidental injury.

2, the use of automatic chip removal device. CNC lathes mostly use inclined bed structure layout, convenient chip removal, easy to use automatic chip removal machine.

3. High spindle speed, safe and reliable workpiece clamping. The hydraulic chuck is adopted, the clamping force adjustment is convenient and reliable, but also reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

4, can automatically change the knife. [**]dopt automatic rotary tool rest, can change the tool automatically in the process of processing, and complete the processing of multiple processes continuously.

5, the main and feed transmission separation. The main drive and feed drive of CNC lathe use of independent servo motor, so that the transmission chain becomes simple and reliable, at the same time, each motor can be moved separately, but also can achieve multi-axis linkage.