How to extend the line rail CNC machine tool efficiency must see

  • 2020-12-01

[**]ccording to the development of The Times, more and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to the development of line rail CNC machine tools, its high degree of automation, with high precision, high efficiency and high adaptability characteristics. But how many people know the level of its operating efficiency, equipment failure rate, the length of service life, to a large extent also depends on the correct use and maintenance of users. Good working environment, good use and maintenance, not only will greatly extend the trouble-free working time, improve productivity, and will reduce the wear and tear of mechanical parts, avoid unnecessary mistakes, greatly reduce the burden of maintenance personnel.

1, for the use of long time machine tools, during the long holiday should try not to shut down, you can take the emergency stop.

2. Check the system fan regularly. If it is contaminated with too much oil, it should be replaced or cleaned.

3. Regularly check the hydraulic oil pressure, liquid level and hydraulic impurities in the hydraulic system to ensure the smooth oil circuit.

4, regularly feed switch, knife arm spring, hydraulic valve spring and other devices with spring cleaning or lubrication.

5, according to the driver equipment contaminated with oil, regular cleaning.

6. Regularly replace the system battery for the machine tool, replace the desiccant for the electrical cabinet of the machine tool, especially before the long holiday is shut down, but also cannot forget this step.

7. If not used for a long time, each circuit board of the machine should be preheated manually before restarting the machine. [**]n electric hair dryer can be used to heat each circuit board for a few minutes with a slight temperature.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, in order to meet the needs of flexible production and manufacturing automation in the manufacturing industry, the intelligent degree of line and rail CNC machine tools is also increasing. In order to meet the needs of users, in the past 10 years, the machining accuracy of the ordinary CNC machine tool has been improved from ±10μm to ±5μm, the precision of the line rail CNC machine tool from ±3~5μm, improved to ±1~1.5μm.