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1. These CNC machines apply to continuous heavy-duty cutting, which can maintain stable high accuracy and high quality surface finish.

2. It features good rigidity, easy slag discharge and high strength. The bed is inclined at 45 degrees, using high quality resin sand 250 cast iron, while the bearing seat adopts 300 ball-milled cast iron on which annealing, aging, setting and other processes are conducted to ensure the rigidity of the machine tool, stability and seismic resistance. We eliminate the problem of deformation caused by large temperature difference. The big support plate and the working table are inclined to make the operation and slag removal of the machine more convenient. The moving speed is faster, and thus the user has a very good using experience.

3. The full-shield design better avoids the leakage of the machine, more perfectly preventing and controlling the machine's screw, guide rail, bearing water, slag. It also effectively reduces the machine failure rate and improves the service life of the machine.

4. High precision, high rigidity, heavy load spindle. The product adopts the original imported POSA spindle from Taiwan on which the best span configuration is achieved through engineering mechanics analysis. With the unique labyrinth waterproof sealing structure and the radiator spindle box design, the waterproof, heat-proof and dust-proof effect can be all achieved. Three spindle bearings are arranged in front and two on the back, which can withstand stronger impact induced from the main servo motor. It guarantees the machinability of hard materials and the cutting edge when drilling large holes.

5. High rigidity, high precision, high speed Taiwan original HIWIN or PMI P-class linear slide, C3 precision ball screw, Japan NSK or FAG screw special bearing. Pre-tension is adopted at both ends of the lead screw for higher impact resistance and rigidity; the dual axis drive is directly connected to the Japanese YASKAWA servo and precision lead screw through the elastic connector, which has good stress condition, high repetitive positioning accuracy and calculates the best span distance between the tracks. With automatic lubrication system, it is characterized by low resistance, high rigidity and small noise, and the displacement speed is up to 18-30m/min, thus the processing time is shortened.

6. The hydraulic station adopts Taiwan variable displacement pump, hydraulic motor, electronic valve and air-cooled device, with low noise and low oil temperature, to ensure that the machine runs 24 hours.

7. The machine tool alarm lamp uses three-color LED energy-saving lamp, so that users can have the complete control of the working state of a machine in the distance. The functioning of high-power pump better ensures the cooling of the workpiece, and greatly extends the lifespan of the tool.

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